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 Judge Elizabeth B. Polanco


After working for the county seven years, Judge Polanco took office January 1, 2003 and was re-elected in 2007. Dedicated to serving the people of Ward County, she believes in the future of this community.

Drawing from practical experience and over 220 hours of classroom training in the judicial court system, Judge Polanco conducts a “People’s Court” and encourages her constituents to use the court system to sort out legal disagreements.

 The Judge and her staff have more than 30 years cumulative experience in the justice court system, enabling her office to offer a high level of efficiency in customer service.


•  Maintain the dignity and respect of every individual appearing before the Court.             
•  Treat others as she would like to be treated.
•  Balance justice with mercy without sacrificing dignity, respect or the rule of the law.
•  Provide timely hearings, properly determine facts and correctly apply the laws.
•  Make a difference in the future of minors coming before this Court for failure to attend school or alcohol-related cases.       

Contact Information

3600 S Stockton Street
P O Box 342
Monahans, Texas 79756-4600
Phone: 432-943-7237
FAX: 432-943-2630  



Elizabeth Morales, Deputy Court Clerk
Lena Calixto, Court Clerk
Noel Crabtree, Court Clerk